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We help families, teachers and coaches “Learn to Speak Kid". Doing so significantly reduces and often eliminates defiant and explosive child behavior including ADHD, ODD (oppositional defiant disorder) and anxiety.

You'll love how the revolutionary, positive and proactive parenting strategies transform raising children. 

Bonnie and Thomas share the exact words and phrases to help you empower your children and you through books, blogs, online courses and coaching. 

methods have been helping thousands of kids transform their lives since 1994. The results are magical for every child whose parents choose to fully engage!

Bonnie and Thomas Liotta are best known for helping busy, frustrated parents raise happy, healthy, cooperative, and grateful kids. They're like Dr. Phil on Steroids.
When you think of coaching, what comes to mind?
Does a sport coach come to mind? 

Most athletes have a personal coach at their fingertips to correct their "one degree off" mistakes! 

I'm sure you'll agree that your children are more important than baseball, yes?

“The mindset that creates the problem is not the same mindset that can fix it. If it could, it never would have created the problem in the first place.” Einstein.

The truth is that you simply don’t know what you don’t know. 

Your current skills and beliefs have helped you get to the results you’re receiving from your children now. 

Don't you agree it's time for an authentic, positive change? 
Albert Einstein (14 March 1879 – 18 April 1955) was a German-born theoretical physicist who developed the theory of relativity.
Why hire a parenting coach?
How often have you found yourself saying or doing something that your parents did that you swore you’d never do? If you're like most people, you're shaking your head back and forth as you answer "All the time." Right?

Doesn't it make sense that you hire a coach because you can't see what you don't know and old habits can be hard to change?

Are you asking:
  •  How can I get my child to listen?
  •  Why doesn’t my child care about rewards? 
  •  What is causing my child to be lazy?
  •  Does my child have ADHD? 
  •  Life is different than when I was a kid. What is the right thing to do? 
  •  How do I get my child to stop hitting, kicking and spitting? 
What are some benefits of hiring us to coach you? 
Learn New Parenting Skills: 

Most of us learned parenting skills we promised ourselves we'd never use when talking with our kids. How can you learn how to guide your children's behavior and encourage them to step up if all you know is what you know from your parents? 

Were you able to read a book and then drive a car successfully? Or, did you need an instructor?

When you work with us, you'll learn how to be proactive vs. reactive. 

Imagine knowing exactly what to do and say in each situation, and your kids too.

We're going to walk with you step-by-step to help you master the art of empowerment vs. punishment. We'll show you how to authentically motivate your children to choose to cooperate. 

Your world is about to take on new meaning. 
Emotional Support:

Learning new skills can be overwhelming in and of itself. When you’re parenting and learning new skills, ones that no one has ever seen before, it's easy to get lost or beat yourself up. 

Your coach can reassure you that you’re on the right track and give you the tools to help you through the emotional transition both you and your children are bound to experience. 

Old habits are hard to break. When you’re learning new skills, it’s easy to get off track. Have you ever tried to change your eating habits, or quit smoking? 

Even a one degree mistake can be a huge mistake that leaves both you and your children frustrated. Your coach can help you fix those one degree mistakes in a timely manner. When you master our principles, frustration will be a thing of the past.  


Accountability is key to motivation and persistence. There will be obstacles. 

Have you ever renovated a kitchen? You know things are bound to get worse before they get better. 

Staying committed and being consistent with your work is imperative for a total transformation. 
Enhance Interpersonal Skills:

Your coach will be able to assess you on a regular basis and keep you on track with learning the necessary skills to help you fulfill your deepest wishes as a parent. 

Yes, you really can raise cooperative, attentive and outstanding kids.
Identify Strengths and Weaknesses:

It’s very difficult to assess yourself in any area. A coach has much more experience. He can look at the situation without being opinionated or emotionally involved and help get you back on track. 

Your coach will have assessment tools that will help you focus on problem areas and find solutions in the most, efficient, positive and proactive way.
Creating any kind of change is never easy. When you are working with children and looking to change the environment, it can be the most challenging but MOST IMPORTANT experience in existence! 

Your coach will help you through the process. 
Thomas' goal as a coach is to help the “coachee” — YOU — achieve your highest potential as a parent! 

As long as you show up, you're guaranteed to live your deepest wishes as a parent with more laughter, confidence and joy. 

If your kids are a handful and showing signs of anger, defiance and rebellion, you need to do something. 

You’re going to invest in your kids. That's not a question. You are. You have a choice...1. Be proactive and invest a small amount now...2. Be reactive and spend a ton fixing issues later — divorce, lawyers, pregnancies, jail, adult children, etc. 

Most parents believe that it's their children who require fixing. The truth is that when you transform your environment and approach, every affect (including poor child behavior) will be corrected! 

Thomas holds two child development degrees, has developed an award winning after-school program, and is the creator of the Creating Champions for Life child rearing philosophy.
A few questions to see if a parenting coach is right for you...

  • Is it worth it to you to have a positive relationship with your children?
  •  What price would you pay to get the support you need to be a parent whose children move through the world confidently, who are comfortable in their own skin, and who enjoy your company? 
  •  Are you willing to spend a large amount of money for cable TV or cell phones with data plans for yourself and/or your children?
  •  Are you willing to spend a comparable amount of money to get support if it will benefit you and your children? 
  •  Considering parent coaching involves an investment of time and money for a short period and has benefits that can be felt in future generations, why wouldn't you be willing to spend as much money as you would on a weekend trip to a theme park with your family to transform your results? 
Here’s What People Are Saying:

Carrie Jannazo, Miami, FL

This isn't a "mini victory," this is a HUGE victory! My husband and I just met with our son's 1st grade teacher and assistant principal! They recommend that we completely DISMISS his FBA (Functional Behavior Assessment) at this time! 

Our son has made SIGNIFICANT progress this year and his behaviors have improved DRASTICALLY! The FBA is not reflective of his current level!

What a fantastic conference! I could not wait to tell all of you! Tears of JOY today! Thank YOU Thomas Liotta and Bonnie Liotta for all you do and for making us believe in our son!

Kara Burkett, Fr. Worth,TX

I had a meeting at the school this morning and had to answer a lot of questions about my daughter. 

She too has drastically improved since last year with no more trips to the office, emails and calls from the principal, vice principal, teachers, and counsellor. 

She still has some rough days, but we are on the improving end. Baby steps! I told the counsellor about "The Champions For Life" program and what we are doing and she seemed very interested!
100% Money Back Guarantee

Let's face it, we both know that we can't guarantee your life will change just by investing in the Rapid Growth Parenting program. You also have to invest your time and do the work. 

We can guarantee that if you do the work, you'll see positive change. If you complete the first two modules and see no change at home and you're not convinced that the Creating Champions For Life methods are rock solid, we'll give your money back. 
If not you, who? 
If not now, when?
If not you, who?
One time payment of $1164 
(send email to support@creatingchampionsforlife.com for monthly payments)
P.S. We promise to walk with you every big
baby step along the way until you're living the life of your dreams
with cooperative, happy children! If I can do it, you can do it too! 
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