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Reason #1: Enjoy Raising Cooperative Kids.
You'll be amazed as you watch your children become motivated and empowered to cooperate with your boundaries and requests. 
Reason #2: More fun and laughter with your kids.
Finally, have the fun and laughter you've always wanted with your kids when they see you're on the same team!
Reason #3: More money, time and romance.
Having a harmonious, happy family with responsible kids will allow you to live a richer and fuller life!
Psalm 127:3 — Behold, children are a gift of the LORD,
                The fruit of the womb is a reward.
Bonnie & Thomas Liotta
Bonnie and Thomas Liotta have a combined experience of forty plus years in child and adult personal development including two child development degrees, an award-winning after-school program, and their record-breaking business leadership. They’re best known for helping busy, frustrated parents and educators redefine child-rearing in a way that empowers families with happy, healthy, confident, helpful and grateful kids! They reside in Salmo, BC, Canada, with their two youngest incredible ADHD success stories and three loving fur babies! 
Success Stories:
We just had the most positive parent/teacher conference EVER! I didn’t cry once this time! I am now CRYING with JOY AND GRATITUDE to this group!
- Carrie Jannazo, FL
It's amazing and so refreshing! I actually feel like I AM the parent and he is the child! 
- Melissa Anderson, NM
So proud of our kid today! Yesterday we noticed she had a 42% grade in art. With no guilt trips, begging or yelling, today she came home with 82%!
- Katherine Clarke, AB, CA
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