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Welcome to Creating Champions for Life! Here, we champion a groundbreaking approach to parenting. We empower parents to revolutionize the lives of children with ADHD, ODD, Asperger's, and other behavioral disorders. Our mission is to guide you in fostering lasting change, nurturing your child's full potential, and building resilient champions for life, without resorting to medication.

Empower, Don't Medicate


Tania Atkin, Family Therapist

"What a difference this has made in our lives and with our two boys, 15 and 6.5 years old.

I come from a very academic background in Psychology treating children, youth and families. I challenge EVERYTHING I have learned all these years. 

The language you have is simple and magical. I support this philosophy and program 100%. We are so in need of this philosophy."

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Our Revolutionary Approach

Creating Champions for Life is driven by a fervent mission: empowering parents to become champions in their children's lives.

We will equip you with knowledge, tools, and unwavering support to navigate the complexities of raising children with behavioral disorders. We believe in empowering parents to harness their child's unique strengths and abilities, leading to transformative and enduring success.

What's in CCFL Gold Membership?

  • Access and explore all our parenting toolkit and empower yourself with the tools for transformation.

  • Connect with other champion parents in our supportive community, sharing experiences and learning from one another.

  • Interactive workshops/webinars designed to equip parents with effective strategies and techniques for managing and improving their child's behavior.

  • Personalized coaching sessions with Bonnie and Thomas Liotta to address your specific challenges and develop a tailored plan for your family.

Inspiring Stories of Transformation

Discovering Hope and Solutions for ADHD, ODD, Asperger's, and More


Dawn Worthing

I've been a student in the program for a few months. I've appreciated the support of the accountability calls, the course program modules, the emails and the YouTube videos. Many programs have you pay, give you introductory material, maybe regular emails but then they forget about you unless you are persistent with following them.

As a single mom of 4 (3 still at home) that works 40-60 hours a week outside of the home, I needed a push to keep up with the program. The Accountability calls do that for me.

I'm learning to change my thinking (which doesn't happen over night) so having a year long commitment helps to break the habits/cycles. I thought that my children were the cause of the many problems in the home. (Because I adopted them all) I blamed the trauma and neglect they experienced before living with me and the Meth exposure they experienced in the womb. I blamed the PTSD, ADHD & ODD for the behaviors.

Now I'm learning how to be proactive instead of reactive so to set them up for success. I'm learning the part I've played in causing many of the behaviors. Because my habits are so ingrained and come out before I know it, I'm learning to change the root of my thinking to one that sees my children's goals and can help them to make plans to reach their goals in a healthy way.

I've learned that my children and I have been speaking a different language, which is frustrating and exhausting for everyone, but now we're bridging the gap between us. Instead of my smothering them because I want to protect them from every problem in life, I'm learning to empower them to handle problems without me, which is in line with the laws of nature.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for the impact you've made in my life and that of my families.


Shawn Russell

This share is close to my heart. It begs to mention being a mother to a young adult child who has struggled to find his way, especially these past 7 yrs. Not many people would take on the monumental challenge to co-parent in the way Bonnie and Thomas have done.

I found their program for parents four years ago but only in the past year jumped all in to do the work. I was desperate, having worked with numerous side hustles to help with managing my personal parenting struggle as a single mom.

Fast forward, I am now part of a powerful “mother infantry” destined to make a difference in the world! Not only in my family’s history by breaking generational curses of faulty child training and negative experiences but as a part of a dynamic support system helping other moms and dads do the same.

If there is any child in your life that you can affect in being a positive influence, hero, trusted advisor, or guiding light… this is a place you’ll find golden nuggets of wisdom to enlighten the path and facilitate the journey. There is a plethora of resources provided for us, parents!

I have found my Tribe.

Thanks for the CCFL family, Bonnie and Thomas! You guys go above and beyond every week and I am so very grateful!!

Unlock the Power of

Empowered Parenting Now....


Shylia Brassard, Mother of 4

"My son is off his medications! That's been my goal since I didn't want to put him on medication but did."


Renee Woods, Single Mom

"This morning was a success. I am a very happy mom right now. We left the house on time, jobs done, no arguing, feeling happy!"


Melanie Michaud, Mom of 5

"My 6 year old daughter just ASKED how to fold towels cuz she wanted to help me. My 8 year old has done dog poop clean up. And, my teen asked "If i clean my room, can i check my stuff on your ipad?" A tiny step....but I'll take it."


Carrie Jannazo, Miami FL, USA

"My little guy is now getting dressed and making his bed in the mornings without prompting! This is HUGE for us! Also, I was just able to get my son to sit and read 2 books before going to play with friends! Now THAT, my friends is PROGRESS!"

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Our Mission: Empower, Educate, Elevate


Nicole Aleskas, Mom of 2,

Florida USA

"I'm so glad we caught my son's behavior issues at this point. Fear has been replaced with confidence. We're now planning study lessons together!"


Vivek Rathod, Father of 2, Cary NC

"CCFL has shown us how to communicate with our son. We are now seeing tremendous success."


Marie DM, Mom of 2, Qatar

"I am so grateful to Bonnie and Thomas Liotta for putting this program together. I see improvement with my son every day!"


Carrie Jannazzo, Divorced Mom of 1

"The more I see what is going on with my son, the more I think the ADHD and ODD are a bunch of BS!!! What a crock! He has a  discipline problem, not a disorder! It's fixable!" 


Adam Splaver, father of 4

"The old me would have screamed, yelled, threw a complete fit. The new me...breathed, looked at my son calmly, and coolly.  Thank you, Thomas Liotta and Bonnie Liotta!"


Lisa Nicoll, Single Mom

"So proud! Ryan's been more focused, positive, not refusing work and even helping other students. Yay!!! We're both feeling positive about the rest of the school year and I know he will finish strong!"

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