Astonishing New Empowering Methods to Gain Cooperation with Children and Teenagers! 

Have fun learning and applying revolutionary, proactive, child-rearing methods. 

Wow your friends and family with the best behaved kids – this week! It will become easy when you learn to guide your child’s behavior. Pre-frame, prepare and praise instead of yelling, disciplining and punishing. Teach them valuable life skills! 

As you analyze every word on our website, you will feel hopeful and overjoyed. You have found the answers to gain cooperation with your children. Based upon your current interactions with your children, this may seem hard to believe right now but it is the truth!

Before this amazing concept, every day included bedtime battles for me. That changed when Thomas simply asked Zachary, “Would you like to go to bed now, in 5 minutes or in 10 minutes?” Zach chose 10 minutes. After 10 minutes, he happily went straight to bed! It was awesome! Watch the video to the left now for more of our story.

Imagine what it would be like to have your children working with you in harmony, cooperation and gratitude every day.

You’ll be amazed as you discover how simple it is to learn the language of Kid. You can speak to your child, any child, and have them respond to you lovingly, immediately. Let us show you how.

You can rest assured that the methods and strategies of the CCFL Self Study Course has been studied and successfully applied for nearly two decades with thousands of children. Every single parent who engages fully with this philosophy achieves their deepest wishes with their children!

You can do it too! I remember locking myself in the bathroom, stressed out and in tears, because I didn’t know how to handle my crying, fighting and demanding children.  When I learned to ask the question, “Hey guys, what should we be doing?” when they were acting out, instead of using time-outs and punishments, they responded more quickly and with more compliance than ever before. 

If you’re not yet ready to invest in the course, but are intrigued with learning more about teaching your children life skills with the Creating Champions for Life parenting methodology, click the Book button below and order your copy of the book today!

Just picture yourself applying proactive and positive child-rearing methods that have proven over and over again to prevent and to reverse child mental health diagnoses and behavior disorder symptoms. 

This newfound peace in my life includes exterminating ADHD – attention deficit hyperactive disorder, oppositional defiant disorder, and “normal” teenage defiance. When you choose to fully engage with our unique proactive parenting methodology, you will vastly improve the nurturing environment of your home. This can work in any family situation including those with conditions related to living with Asperger syndrome, some other forms of autism, and fetal alcohol syndrome.  

How will your life change?

As you discover our new approach to parenting, you will gain love, respect and cooperation from your children. They will show great improvement in self-confidence, self-control and self-discipline. You’ll be energized with more time and money as you teach your children to become independent thinkers. In a short amount of time, you can master how to inspire and motivate your children to do their work, go to school, and work with you as a team to earn privileges.

Does this sound intriguing to you? Want to learn more? Click the Online Courses button below to see what’s next.


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