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I am so excited! I’ve been doing what I’m learning in your course. You are really God's instrument!❤️
- Catalina, Mother of 2 -

Thank YOU! It's wonderful to have hope that I can successfully parent my children into the lives they deserve and stop feeling so exhausted all the time! 
- Kimberly, Mother of 3 boys - 

My 16 year old daughter has been very disrespectful for the last couple of years! 
She has not had one outburst of anger today.  Thank you! 
- Annonymous, Youtube -

I can now see that I never took the time to teach my son to do things. 
- Tammy Kirton, Mom of 2 -

WOW! I’m in total shock! I just want to help my son. 
- Jenny Lawson, Mom of 3 -

I’m filled with hope, rather than doom and gloom. 
- Lori Megale, Single Mom of 2 -

I thought these guys were going to be kooks, but every time they shared another slide, I was nodding in agreement. This just makes so much sense! 
- Mike Cohens, Dad of 2 -

My 6 year old son is feeling more positive about himself and having way less tantrums. The family therapist and child psychologist were of little or no help compared to Thomas & Bonnie Liotta's book, Learn to Speak Kid. Thank you! 
- Terry Bottari, Mom of 1 -   

Excellent course that is life changing.  
- Tammy Birr, Mom of 2 -

I have been advocating for and dreaming of a course that is so desperately needed in today’s world. I BELIEVE this course should be mandatory for every person bringing a child into this world. My world is a much happier place since taking this course! 
Ashley Holmes, Mom of 2 -  

I'm thrilled! I have a 6 year old boy and would still take this course even if he was 17! 
- Wendy Snodgrass, Happy Mom of 1 -

What a difference this course has made in our lives and with our two boys, 15 and 6.5 years old.

I come from a very academic background in Psychology treating children, youth and families. I challenge EVERYTHING I have learned all these years. 

The language you have is simple and magical. I support this philosophy and program 100%. We are so in need of this philosophy. 
-Tania Atkin, Mom of 2, Family Therapist -

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It is WONDERFUL! For the first time in months I was able to spend time with my older two without my ADHD daughter screaming. The best part of it is she went to bed willingly happy, and hasn't woken up 1,000 times with "I wants." It's amazing! 
- Joyce Mclaughlin, Youtube - 

By far the most AMAZING, life changing, easy to follow book and program I have ever come across for parenting. This has truly inspired our life. I cannot express my gratitude enough! These parenting experts are the kid whisperers!!!  HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! 
- Tara Hoff, Widow of 1 Amazing Teenager - 

The more I see what is going on with my son, the more I think the ADHD and ODD are a bunch of BS!!! What a crock! He has a discipline problem, not a disorder!  It's fixable! 
- Carrie Jannazzo, Divorced Mom of 1 ADHD & ODDer -

This program has brought on a whole new level of teaching in a very fun way! 
- Brittney York, Special Needs Support Teacher - 

Hi Tom and Bonnie, I may not see your wings, but I feel they're so huge. Thank you soooooo much!!! 
- Ma. Paz Tan, Mother of 2 ADHD boys, Philippines -  

Hi Bonnie and Tom! WOW, you guys are great! What you teach all makes sense to me.
Thank you, thank you, thank you. 
- Marta Leone, Ex-ADHD Mom - 

I was dependent on Concerta for my 6 year Old, ADHD, ODD son. I was in hopes that all these therapists and doctors would help but no none worked for him. He is now behaving without medication, therapist and shadow teacher. Thank you for letting me breathe and giving me hope. - Pie Diaz, Ex-ADHD Mom of 1 -  
Hi Bonnie! I went to PT conference last Thursday. For 30 minutes the teacher was telling me how well Giorgio is adapting to new school, and how he is friends with everyone. How awesome!? I am forever grateful, Bonnie! Thank you!  
- Ex-ADHD Mom, Marta Leone - 

No guilt trips, begging or yelling. Today she came home with 82%!!! So proud of our kid!
- Katherine Clarke, Mom of 2 -
HUGE victory! We just met with our son's teacher and assistant principal! They recommend that we completely DISMISS his FBA (Functional Behavior Assessment)! Tears of JOY today! Thank YOU, Thomas Liotta and Bonnie Liotta, for all you do and for making us believe in our son! 
- Carrie Fetter Jannazo, EX ODD Mom - 

The old me would have screamed, yelled, threw a complete fit. The new me...breathed, looked at my son calmly, and coolly. This change in me didn't happen overnight. It didn't just appear.  Thank you, Thomas Liotta and Bonnie Liotta!
- Adam Splaver, widower and father of 4 -

Wow!  Have we come a LONG way since we started this program! Last year at this time I left his school crying everyday after I dropped him off. His behavior was so bad at home and school. It was HELL! Today she said his demeanor has changed, he shows eye contact, shows initiative (more than last year!) and has more confidence! What an answer to prayers! T 
- Carrie Fetter Jannazo , Largo, FL, United States -

My daughter improved drastically since last year with no more trips to the office. 
- Kara Burkett, Ex-ADHD Mom -

Last night our 12 year was showered and in bed on time all on her own. It was was a calm and peaceful evening. Love it! 
- Katherine Clarke, Ex-Stressed Out Mom of 2 -

I would like to share that my 7 yr old is repeating over and over this morning, "I am maximum, I am maximum!" He is open now to more awareness of "If it is to be it's up to me." Love it! 
- Myra Clark, Divorced EX-ADHDer mom of 4 -
 I had a meeting at the school this morning and had to answer a lot of questions about my daughter. She too has drastically improved since last year with no more trips to the office, emails and calls from the principal, vice principal, teachers, and counselor. She still has some rough days, but we are on the improving end. Baby steps! I told the counselor about "The Champions for Life" program and what we are doing and she seemed very interested.🤗 Kara Burkett 
Last night our 12 year waiting till 7pm to start her homework. I had told her a week ago if she wanted her laundry washed it needed to find it self into a laundry basket ( It didn't) I asked if she has clothes for school, she said no ... I didn't mention it again. By 830 her laundry was in the wash, she did it by herself! She was showered and in bed on time all on her own. She did ask me to flip her laundry to the dry. I said I can if I remember, how ever you had a week, so it's not my emergency, and I won't make a habit out of it. It was was a calm and peaceful evening. Love it! Katherine Clarke

Thanks to this group and the POWER of 3, I chose to make it a great day and so far it still is. Thank you!!! Christian Steiner

Wow have we come a LONG way since we started this program! Last year at this time I left his school crying everyday after I dropped him off. His behavior was so bad, and the teacher he had at the time made it worse because of her old school discipline techniques. We had behavior issues daily at home and school, he was sent to the office multiple times a day, and we as parents had no idea what to do. We were constantly talking to him about his bad behavior because that’s all we saw and were told! It was HELL! Today I briefly talked with his amazing teacher and she said she may have an issue to address a couple of times a week, she addresses it and moved past it! She said his demeanor has changed, he shows eye contact, shows initiative (more than last year!) and has more confidence! What an answer to prayers! Thank you Thomas and Bonnie for developing this amazing program and important parenting MOVEMENT! 💜😘 Carrie Fetter Jannazo Largo, FL, United States

This is our oldest son, James. For a year he's been hand washing his plate, utensil, and cup after every meal. If you would ask him to help with the dishes it would be a fight and he would pretend he didn't know where things went. To be honest, it was more of a headache than it was helpful. We have recently seen a HUGE change in him! He now WANTS to help with dishes and since he's helping, he gets to put his dishes in it! He's started helping out a lot more around the house, he's had a better attitude about it (and life in general), and he searches for things that need to get done!! He's a completely different kid than he was this time last year!! Thank you, Thomas And Bonnie for this amazing program!! Our house is now a HAPPY home instead of a war zone!! Melissa Anderson Rio Rancho, NM, United States

My son's teacher today said he lacked perseverance and self-motivation with certain work. He struggles most with this when the work seems "too hard." He has meltdowns because he wants someone to do it for him. "But when he's on it, boy he's ON IT!" She said. I know this so much about my son. He HAS the perseverance he just needs to find it within himself. I am so grateful his teacher recognizes that and was able to convey that to me. I would have never recognized this was a result of over coddling had I not been introduced to this program.  Carrie Fetter Jannazo
My daughter who is 9.5yrs old has begun taking ownership of her responsibilities and chores. The reason I am aware of this is because she got upset at me for feeding her cat, saying, "Hey! That's my responsibility! " She was pretty upset. 
Also another day a bit ago, she mentioned how I take her lunch out of the fridge in the morning, and said, "Isn't that my responsibility, Mom?!"   Myra Lemky Clark
 Thanks Thomas! I love how you address our specific questions and help us +1 and continue to GROW! Things are starting to click now and it's getting easier! We still have our moments. I'm finding if the reward isn't motivating, the perseverance isn't there. For us it's also finding that sweet spot (the reward is a sweet spot for us!). I'm so glad I didn't coddle my son on this one! I almost caved! But I let him struggle! And he learned a valuable lesson from it! My son is already figuring out this program it's awesome...he asked me what shoes of his were 'average' if we identified bare minimum and outstanding! Lol! These kids are SOOOOOO SMART! 😂  Carrie Fetter Jannazo
Mini victory today already! My 17 yr old who's been suicidal for 2 wks went out the door to work and looked at the clear sky full of stars and said, " Look at the stars, Mom! It's gonna be a great hot day!" He smiled and hugged me and thanked me for everything these past couple weeks. My heart is so full and grateful for his choice to live again. Thanks be to God. He is such a good good Father. Have the day you choose to have everyone! Love and hugs to all of you!!  Myra Lemky Clark

My 7yr old son wanted money for a large snow cone during field day tomorrow, so he willingly vacuumed, mopped, and cleaned the patio door glass to earn enough money! Kara Burkett

I just experienced nearly my 'perfect' evening. Kids were cooperative, I enjoyed cooking, kids ate average amount of dinner, homework was done peacefully, baths with a sense of calm, and now average amount of ice cream for dessert. It appears everyone will even go to bed on time! Now I need to 'up' my perfect evening, is that right? Carrie Fetter Jannazo

I've had 3 separate times in the past week that my children's daycare program has mentioned positive things about my kids. The one that stands out the most is "Where was 'Trouble 1' and 'Trouble 2' today? It was like they weren't even here!" Myra Lemky Clark

People are telling us they see huge progress in our son!!!!! We just got back from a visit in Ohio and my IN-LAWS (my son's grandparents) said how they have seen huge behavioral improvements! Friends are saying good things too! We aren't even in the transition period yet! I just HAD to share!
Carrie Fetter Jannazo

My 7yr old son wanted money for a large snow cone during field day tomorrow, so he willingly vacuumed, mopped, and cleaned the patio door glass to earn enough money! Kara Burkett

Celebrating a small victory! They actually made it through dinner without arguing or fighting and then they did clean up duty together to earn their after dinner treat! Angi Montague is with Michael Mendez.

I am noticing change. The power struggles are lessening. I'm starting to see unraveling of bad habits. It does take patience and doing something, Being consistent is the key. Repetition of listening to the tapes and webcast is helping us do something almost like second nature. It is taking us longer because of our children being a lot older but we are seeing changes happening. Filomena Sacino-Agostini

So, you know how it starts off, right? First they ridicule, then they violently oppose, and then...wait for it...they accept and offer gratitude. Well, my daughter, who's 9, came to me randomly in the kitchen tonight and said that she was just so grateful. She apologized for the way she talks to me sometimes and said that she doesn't mean it, but she couldn't explain further. I didn't need anymore explanation: I got it 100%! She was feeling grateful that I am beginning to be the mom she needs. The mom who clearly outlines what her daughter can do to make her mom and herself happy and to achieve what's important to her. What an amazing gift this girl is to me on this positive parenting journey. May I continue to catch all of her doing and praise her even more. Myra Lemky Clark
We are beginning to see progress! My little guy is now getting dressed and making his bed in the mornings without prompting! This is HUGE for us! 👍Another mini victory! I was just able to get my son to sit and read TWO books before going to play with friends! Now THAT, my friends is PROGRESS Carrie Fetter Jannazo

 Plan to get up and ready on time. They usually eat breakfast at school, but I found out she'd rather eat at home, so she made sure to have time. She also made a plan for an alternative to her crying and running out of her classroom when someone/something upsets her. I demonstrated to her what her fit looks like to the other kids and then acted out the alternative. We went over the plan again on the way to school. It was so peaceful and happy!! Kara Burkett

So proud!!! His first Star Student of the week award!! We had an IEP meeting yesterday and all his teachers said what an amazing job he has been doing lately. I usually stress out while in those meetings because they're always negative. This time his teachers said they've noticed a big change in Ryan, he's been more focused, positive, not refusing work and even helping other students. Yay!!!
We even worked on changing his behavior chart, so that he is more involved and aware of his goals in order to be able to circle a pokemon on his chart. We created a token sheet that he designed. During the course of a lesson, he will be rewarded up to 5 tokens to basically just keep him motivated and reinforce him for even the small positive behaviors he shows. When he gets 5 tokens in a lesson, he gets to circle a pokemon on his chart. The pokemons add up to a reward he has chosen.
I know its the end of the year, but we are both feeling positive about the rest of the school year and I know he will finish strong! Lisa Nicoll

I have to admit this is a little strange... It is 8:30 am here...the kids got up, both made their beds ( which has never really been an thing in our home), dressed, eat, brushed their teeth, cleaned up and then our 12 year asked...if our 3 year old had earned enough to go to the park this morning....these two seldom play together, so nice to see them working and playing together! First time in years I have been able to drink my coffee in peace! Katherine Clarke

What's strange is we are not that far into the program and already seeing some results I'm sure hard times will still come but wow to see results already is truly amazing . 
 Today our 12 year old daughter completely cleaned and organized her room. Even rearrange the furniture! We're talking like my clean freak standard kind of clean, all by herself while she was waiting for us to get home. She said she was bored. Lol sure is an amazing change!

Lisa-may Carter 

Umm...what is going on in my house lately? I feel like I'm in some sort of dream! 😊 I say its bedtime and he turns off his game without me asking and then goes to the bathroom to brush his teeth, pajamas and bed. This mama has one big smile .
Lisa Nicoll

The kids have been working on their interpersonal communication skills (sibling rivalry) and earned the chance to see Lego Batman. I told them I wasn't going to buy any snacks as it wasn't in my budget, but they worked together as a team and sister bought drinks and brother bought popcorn. Have I mentioned how much I love this program?
Janine M. Deckard

Today my son forgot to ask before going outside three times in a row and starting flying out the door — each time without asking. He was frustrated with himself and in victim mode "I can't remember anything!!!" I was able to support him that he could choose to have what he wanted and discuss victim vs. victor. He chose to use his victor side. He completed the next chore with me and immediately remembered to ask. I said "I would love for you to go out" and asked him to first stop over so I could whisper something to him. I gave him the biggest hug and whispered (and cried a little) of how proud I was of him for choosing to be the victor and how I saw that he was unstoppable when he chose to be a champion. We went out together and I can't do justice in words explaining the difference in him from that small victory and the difference for me. Thank you!!!!!!
Tammy Birr

So, my 6 year old daughter ASKED how to fold towels cuz she wanted to help me. 8 year old has done dog poop clean up, i just had to buy a special scooper. And my teen asked "if i clean my room can i check my stuff on your ipad". A tiny step....but I'll take it.
Melanie Michaud

This is just a comment. My son this morning chose not to go to breakfast with my mom and myself. But then proceeded to get angry with me because I chose to go without him. Hah! So I responded with you're choosing to be angry if you choose to be angry I will be the Er!!! And some more CFL language. And let me tell you when I got home he made himself a pbj, came and apologized, and offered to help sort through his toys to be donated/sold. I am still going through all of the modules and have a lot to learn but today's outcome gives me so much hope. Rubi Salgado

I do not want to speak so early. I just want to say how proud I am of my son. The last four days of school he has had great days. He is starting to say he likes school when every morning he would ask if he could have a break from school because he did not like it. Thank you Bonnie Liotta and Thomas your program is stretching my Faith and my confidence. Tina Cudd

This morning was a success 😀 my 8 year old son completed all of his morning jobs without argument 👍 I am a very happy Mum right now 😊 I didn't have to remind (nag) him, just a few gentle hints as he can get distracted. I have been working on this for a while and I have had resistance but it has paid off. Last night I had a talk with my son about the morning jobs. I said there are 4 jobs to do before the TV goes on, you can decide how much TV you watch by how many jobs you do, for example if you complete 2 jobs you get 10 minutes of TV or 4 jobs for 20 minutes of TV. My son wasn't happy with this and said can I do 2 jobs before TV and the other 2 while TV is on? I reminded my son that hasn't worked in the past. My son replied 'you can time how quickly I do the last 2 jobs while the TV is on?' I thought about it and said I would give him the opportunity to do it this way but if it doesn't work then we need to do it a different way. My son replied 'it will work because it's my plan'. ☺ ...and it worked! 😀😀😀😀 👍 we left the house on time, jobs done, no arguing, feeling happy!
Renee Woods

This ABSOLUTELY works when you use it. My son has dance tonight, which requires him to wear sweats. so I needed him to change. I told him he needed to get ready for dance, he ignored me, so I asked if he would like to get ready in 5 minutes. He said ok, set a timer and voila!!! He is ready for hip hop without a fight. Now to just keep these techniques in the front of my brain at all times is the trick… Melanie Michaud

My 8 year old spontaneously made this for me the other night. It has been a really long time since he has felt moved to spontaneously show caring and when I was telling him how much I loved it he told me "I chose to miss some of my movie time because I wanted to make this for you." Thank you both for helping us to begin "rowing our boat downstream". These small victories are priceless! Tammy Birr

Without any prodding or anything, my daughter did the dishes and cleaned the kitchen, took out the trash and made sure her chickens were cared for and then said, have I earned enough time to play with my friend? Of course I said yes! She went over and above what I asked for.
Janine M. Deckard

Just wanted to share how Collin's confidence has soared since doing this program with the Liotta's even with a busy summer -- getting assessed for Dyslexia, doing summer learning at his new school this year, postponing our vacation and persevering to earn his goals - one of which was his birthday cake topper...a "first" for us :)
Terry Bottari

Had my first "Liotta" moment. Marley was in his bedroom, yelling at me to come and talk to him, despite me telling him i was in the kitchen, and busy getting ready. Had a thought, and said "I'd LOVE to talk to you Marley, but I'm in the kitchen getting ready for the morning, so I'd love to talk to you in the kitchen" Well, after a minute, he came into the kitchen to talk lol, quite grudgingly, but he did it, which is unheard of, he is SO stubborn lol. Yes, I want to learn to speak kid full time. Angie Duff

Hi all, I have been a member of this group for about a week now to find strategies that can assist me and my 8 year old son with his challenging behaviors. Thanks Lisa Nicoll for adding me 👍 I have watched many of the videos posted here and now feel so much more positive about parenting.
I used strategy this morning with great success.

Normally in the morning, I would tell my son to 'put your shoes on please it's time to go to school' and my son would respond negatively by complaining, arguing, making excuses, and sometimes even yell, throw his shoe and not speak nicely.

Instead, this morning I asked my son 'are you ready for school' and he replied 'yes', I responded 'are you missing something' looking down at his feet, my son smiled and said 'my shoes.' I asked 'what do you need to do to be ready for school?', my son replied 'put my shoes on.' He put his shoes on without any negativity 👍

Also, instead of telling my son to 'put your pj's on your bed please' and receiving negativity, I asked my son 'where do your pj's belong' and he put them on his bed without me telling him to 👍
Love this group ☺ Renee Woods

I used a question rather than a demand/request and it worked! 
On the dock..."AJ, what about you looks deferent from all the other kids right now?" He looked around and said, "They all have life jackets on. " so he got up and put one one. It was awesome! I was high five'n myself in my head. Thanks for this simple tool.
Amy Posner Wolff

I hope no one minds me posting this here ☺, I'm just so proud and all the work, following the LTSK program and consistency is really starting to show. He's earned all his Pokemon at school this week so far which means he hasn't refused to do work. He has been doing so good at home too and has been learning to express him self and his problems so more more rather than just acting out.
Lisa Nicoll

I just have to give a shout out to my son. We are finally go to school a fullday instead of two hours a day. Yesterday he got really frustrated at school and instead of screaming and throwing this at the student he went and set under the side until he was able to calm down. Setting goals at school are working great. Tina Cudd  Abilene, TX, United States
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