Ultimate Transformational Parenting Strategy Session
Want help creating a family plan 
for long-term peace & happiness?
Let us show you how to:
  • Teach your children respect and responsibility.  
  • Get your kids to do their homework and chores
  • Motivate your kids to listen to your requests.  
  • Positively guide your child's disruptive behavior to more cooperation. 
  • Have more fun and laughter with your children. 
  • Be confident in your parenting decisions. 
  • Release guilt and confusion.
  • Develop a strategic plan for long-term transformational success. 
  •  Release childhood lables like ADHD, oppositional defiant disorder and anxiety.
 Transformational Parenting Strategy Session - FREE
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can choose a day and time, and enter your name and email address. 
What Are the Steps?
You've been watching our videos on youtube and now you're excited about the possibilities for you and your children's future. Am I right? Well, you should be! 

I've been able to clear about 5 hours a week to make time for Ultimate Transformational Parenting Strategy Sessions

I'll meet with you personally on our conference call line — during the specific time you choose — to discuss what you're currently experiencing with your child. Once I can clearly assess your current situation, we'll discuss realistic goals for you, your child and your family. 

All you do is dial into the phone number we send you after you schedule your time

Once we know exactly what you desire to make happen, we'll build a blueprint and process map specifically designed for your family's individual needs.  

Stop Winging It With Your Kids
Walking on eggshells with your fingers crossed that your child will cooperate without on hour long temper tantrum is no way to live. 

You're here because you've tried everything the so-called professionals have been telling you to do, but nothing is actually changing, right? 

Do you have any idea what it can be like to be with your children and actually enjoy your time together? 

It's the difference between parenting hell and parenting heaven that even teachers, therapists and psychologists are hiring us to learn how to create champions. 

Thank YOU! I keep crying, thinking of how wonderful it is to have hope that I can successfully parent my children into the lives they deserve. I can stop feeling so exhausted all the time! Trying to be the perfect mom & never hitting the mark is utterly exhausting. Thank you for empowering me with the truth.
Kimberly, Mom of 3 under 6 - Dallas, TX USA
Here's How It Works
We begin working for you before we ever meet. 

We'll send you an email with a few simple questions you can answer right online in under 5 minutes. Completing this short questionnaire will allow me to analyze your situation and be prepared for your individual situation. 

This will make our time together extremely effective. 
Then We Meet, One-On-One
Our time together will be focussed on solutions to your individual needs and setting realistic goals worth working towards. 

You know we can't teach you what takes most our clients a year or more to truly master in an hour. Anyone who tells you there's a quick fix to disruptive child behavior is lying to you.

What we're going to discuss is THE definite solution you've been praying for that will truly help your child learn to thrive with confidence, happiness and respect. 

Everything we discuss during our time together is custom and built specifically for you after we've had a chance to discuss your current strategies and processes and exactly what you're looking to create. 

“I may not see your wings, but I feel they're so huge. Thank you for the hope. Thank you soooooo much!!!” Ma. Paz Tan (a.k.a. Pie) - Portugal
There Is No Charge For This, And There Is No Catch
...This makes you skeptical because you've been taught "If it looks too good to be true, it probably is." 

And, now you're left wondering, "Why the heck would you do all of this work for free?" 

Well, to be completely honest...this is how we get new one on one coaching clients. 

A great percentage of the families I do this for end up hiring us to work with them personally. When this happens, we immediately unlock all online courses and support groups. 

Then, Thomas rolls up his sleeves and goes to work with each family personally one on one, working through the program and correcting the 1 degree off mistakes like a great football coach, but for families — for an entire year.

That's our motivation for making the time to do this. 

This Is Not A Sales Pitch In Disguise
Far from it.

You'll get no pressure to become a coaching client because we let the value of our content attract our dream clients who are excited to make the decision to work with us. 

The advice you receive during our time together will be life-changing for you. You'll be able to apply the ideas I share with you to immediately help you gain more cooperation. 

You'll look at your parenting life and your children through new lenses that will give you strength and confidence in your parenting role. 
I'll Give You $100 If You Don't Like Your Time With Me
If you can tell me that we've wasted your time during our conversation, I'll immediately give you $100 to compensate you for the hour or so we spend together. 

There is no "fine print" here. "No catch".

The bottom line is, we want to help you see the potential of your child so you and your family can have the best chance at a healthy, happy and harmonious life. 

After our hour together, you may choose to become a client or you may not. There will be no pressure either way. 
“Tonight my daughter (age 10, ADHD) went directly to bed without an argument! It was WONDERFUL! For the first time in months I was able to spend time with my older two without her screaming. I think the best part of it is she went to bed willingly happy, and hasn't woken up a thousand times with ‘I wants.’ Thank you for your help. It's amazing! ~Joyce Amber McLaughlin ~ 
If you'd like to have a life-changing paradigm-shift in your parenting life, schedule a time to speak with me. If I waste your time, I'll give you $100 to compensate you for the hour or so we'll spend together. 
Dear Bonnie and Tom,
Thank you for everything. What a difference this course has made in our lives and with our two boys, 15 and 6.5 years old. 
I come from a very academic background in Psychology treating children, youth and families. I can honestly say that I challenged EVERYTHING that I have learned in school and practiced all these years. 

The language you have brought us is so simple and makes such a huge difference in the way a child responds. 

I am a 100% supporter of this philosophy and program. We are so in need of this philosophy. So many parents have medicated their allegedly "ADHD children" here in Oakville. It’s horrible!!! 
Tania Atkin, B.Sc., M.Sc., M.A (Coun. Psych.), OACCPP, N.D. /Psychotherapist
Making the complete transformation from chaos and stress to order and peace is easier than you think! 

“I’m filled with hope, rather than doom and gloom.” 
Lori Megale
“WOW! I’m in total shock! I just want to help my son.”  
Jenny Lawson, TX USA
“I thought these guys were going to be kooks, but as they shared slide after slide, I found myself nodding in agreement. This just makes so much sense!” Mike Anderson 
Excellent course that is life-changing. Tammy Birr
My 6-year-old son is feeling more positive about himself and practicing life skills with more confidence and fewer tantrums. The family therapist and child psychologist were of little or no help compared to Thomas & Bonnie Liotta's book Learn to Speak Kid. My son is going back to school after a year of refusal. He’s feeling better about his home environment and more confident about himself.  Terry Bottari 

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