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  • Are you a parent longing for more fun and laughter with kids who listen to you the first time you ask?
  • Has your child been diagnosed with a behavior disorder or other emotional disorder and you don't want to medicate?
  • Do you still have hope that your child is capable, and you just feel that you're missing a few tools?
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"This isn't a "mini victory," this is a HUGE victory! My husband and I just met with our son's 1st grade teacher and assistant principal! They recommend that we completely DISMISS his FBA (Functional Behavior Assessment) at this time! Our son has made SIGNIFICANT progress this year and his behaviors have improved DRASTICALLY! The FBA is not reflective of his current level!

What a fantastic conference! I could not wait to tell all of you! Tears of JOY today! Thank YOU Thomas Liotta and Bonnie Liotta for all you do and for making us believe in our son!"
Carrie Jannazo Miami, FL
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